News, Past-Events RAIN-Africa – TUM/KNUST Kick Off Event

Responsible AI in Africa Reasearch Network is officially launched at a Kick Off event in Ghana (KNUST)

A regional approach to the responsible use of AI is a key topic for those working on sustainable development. KNUST and TUM researchers
aim to promote interdisciplinary collaboration on this topic.

Organizations working on the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations General Assembly are increasingly focused on AI-based technologies due to their promise to improve well-being and, in turn, reduce poverty. However, the specific impacts of these technologies often remain unknown. The transnational nature of AI technology also implies a growing need to understand how it may affect different societies. In light of this, researchers of KNUST and TUM’s Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence are developing a network of scholars to join forces on the topic of responsible AI, with a focus on sustainability in the context of Africa.