Q&A Series: Country Representatives

The Responsible AI Network-Africa celebrated its first anniversary this spring (2021). In order to highlight the importance of raising awareness about the ethical considerations related to the development of the AI and its potential implications for the African content, the RAIN Africa team had the pleasure of speaking to its country representatives posing a set of important AI ethics-related questions:

  • How can we harness the potential of AI in Africa?
  • What are the potential benefits and risks of AI in Africa?
  • What concerns and ethical challenges related to the use of AI are especially prevalent in the African context?
  • What are the recent major developments in AI in your country?
  • What are the AI projects you are currently working on?  
  • What do you hope the Responsible AI Network Africa will achieve?

Read what our Country Representatives say. 

Prof. Malo Sadouanouan

Burkina Faso

Samah Mohamed El Kahteeb


Dr. Attlee M. Gamundan


Lavina Ramkissoon

South Africa

Claudino Franklim Mendes

Cape Verde

Laeticia Nneka Onyejegbu